Global positioning system voice guide



Global positioning system voice guide is a valuable resource for the user. It allows easy to follow verbal instructions for navigating roads, highways and other destinations. This allows the owner to concentrate on their driving instead of always having to view the gps map. Modern gps navigation devices can be upgraded with various world and city maps. The global positioning satellite voice guide can also be changed for the users preference. Male and female computerized voice guides can be selected.
The popular manufacturers for gps units
are Garmin, Magellan and TomTom and Motorola. Many makes and models are available for the consumer. See the links on left hand side column or below to be directed to sites where you can upload software to change your voice guide and / or upgrade maps.

G.P.S. use earth orbiting satellites to quickly fix your position. Weather and atmosphere conditions can interfere with signal acquisition. Some units will take a digital map “picture” at start-up in case your signal is temporary lost due to overpasses and other obstructions. This aids the gps to be able to correctly map your course and guidance system. Most new gps devices will acquire their “home” position in under one minute.

Older systems usually take a few minutes to gather satellite information. It is advisable to check the manufacturer make and model to see which maps are included and different features they can perform. There is a wide variance in resources that the units can display and calculate. Roads, streets and highways are constantly changing. GPSVG recommends purchasing a system that can be upgraded or automatically down-loads new map information.

Checking warranty length can also help determine which device is best suited for your needs. If a hiker is attempting to conquer Mount Everest, going with the cheapest model available might not be the best course of action! Your life could depend on it. Marine shipping use GPS also. If you have valuable cargo or time sensitive materials, spending a little extra on the most accurate system is probably best.

Having a back-up battery or a means of charging the unit is crucial. Tip: If you have your coordinates and are worried about battery life, turn off the voice guidance feature to extend battery life. Enabling mapping will show your route and some auto gps devices can be turned off and then turned back on and will show your past progress. Read the features that are available with your particular unit.

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