Other Apple Desserts

Bourbon Baked Apples
¬†Booze and apples go together like booze and many other things: quite well. Jessica from How Sweet It Is jam-packs honeycrisps with her special crumble mixture then douses them in bourbon before baking. You’re going to want to check out her recipe here.

Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

Sarah from The Sweet Life Online has two October traditions: dancing to the soundtrack of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and making this autumn-appropriate recipe for apple cider doughnuts. It’s unclear if these two activities happen at the same time.

Apple Brownies

Forget chocolate brownies or blondie brownies (for the moment, at least). During apple season, you’re going to want to make this apple brownie recipe by Erica at Cannella Vita, featuring chunks of apple baked right in.

Maple Cream Vanilla Milkshakes With Apple Butter

Get that apple juice away from us. We only drink apple butter milkshakes, like the kind Jessica at How Sweet It Is likes to make. You can find her recipe, along with the recipe for just the apple butter, right here on her website.

Apple Brown Betty

We don’t know who Betty is, but we’d like to thank her for this buttery, crispy dessert. So would Mercedes at Satisfy My Sweet Tooth, who uses crumbled saltines to lend some salty flavor to the sweet apples. Check out the recipe here.